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soulSoul of The American Actor
Love Street Theatre (An overview )
by Julie S. Halpern
Love Street Theatre was created in May of 2003 to address the lack of opportunities for women in classical theatre. Many of my classically trained female colleagues had wish lists of roles they wanted to do, Read Full Article

Women And The Blacklist JUNE 29, 2011 jewishweek
Anti-Semitism was never far below the surface of the notorious blacklist of the 1950s. Did sexism play a role as well? In Julie S. Halpern’s new play, “Diminished Fifth,” two women with Jewish roots, writers Lillian Hellman (Stacey Scotte) and Dorothy Parker (Jacquelyn Poplar), along with three non-Jewish women, broadcaster Jean Muir (Mary McGloin), actress Margaret Webster (Elaine LeGaro) and civil rights activist Eslanda Robeson (Ronalda Ay Nicholas), grapple with the shattering experience of being blacklisted.
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The New Agenda
August 4, 2009
Do women support each other in the world of theatre? A recent article in the New York Times suggests that female creative directors show bias towards scripts written by men and are less likely to produce plays written by and featuring women. But there are women who are working to reverse this trend. Read More:


Audiences and critics have praised our original work.

Diminished 5th

From NY

"Diminished Fifth presents a series of fictionalized conversations focused on five women who were deeply impacted by the House Un-American Activities Committee. An important point for the playwright, Julie Halpern, is that while nearly a third of those writers affected were women, theirs are not the stories that have received much attention. Given the circumstances of the time, its pervasive and candid misogyny, it is by no means surprising that there are important and interesting stories which have not been heard....

The five women invoked are Lillian Hellman, Dorothy Parker, Jean Muir, Essie Robeson, and Margaret Webster.

The play moves along for the most part briskly; the scenes are largely tight and concise. An extraordinary amount of information is presented and it is to the credit of this cast that is does not stagnate. Where able, Halpern has them move along quickly and they don’t dwell on the importance of the history to a degree that would make a person want it relegated firmly to the books. An engaging performance by Jacquelyn Poplar as Dorothy Parker deals specifically and differently with each of the women at any particular crisis. The contained but determinedly upbeat Lillian Hellman of Stacey Scotte is truly a portrait of grace under fire. Mary McGloin’s Jean Muir fully commits to the underlying despair of her alcoholism that prevents any potential loss of sympathy. The arresting Ronalda Ay Nicholas and Elaine LeGaro round out the cast. They do a fine job and serve this production well.

It was a terrible time to be a woman of intelligence operating outside the kitchen in America. ...Diminished Fifth does speak deeply to what was lost in the suppression of these women."

Shining Days
"is a well-written piece of work with strong performances from the actors.  If you have an interest in the occult or the historical figures featured in this play, then definitely reserve a spot. If you are looking for a zero-thought play, save your money because this is not the work for you."
-Theatre, UK

An Evening With Shakespeare’s Women
“Close your eyes and imagine  a world full of divas....this band of mighty minstrels took the very best words of William Shakespeare and made them sing. Making Shakespeare’s comedy and humanity understandable to modern years was achieved by all the actresses. This is a show that deserves to be seen.”
~Estrada, oobr

“Julie S. Halpern never skimps on the dedication she and her cast show Shakespeare’s words. Each realized...elegantly polished and presented...simultaneously sweeping and intimate, just like Shakespeare at his best.”
~Murray, Talkin’Broadway

 Euripides’ Trojan Women
“ ...simple, yet devastating...a powerful testament to the horrors and amorality of war.” ~Niederman, off-off online

“...Suzanne Hayes presented an always -interesting Athena, at once flirty and cagey...Nora Hummell gave us a Hecuba of stature..Tracy Walsch’s Cassandra was deliciously mad...Julie S. Halpern was a solid and powerful Andromache...a well-trained ensemble deftly crossed the minefield of treacherous alliterations of the Lattimore text .” ~Lopardi, Artzine

“If you’re doing a very standard production [of The Trojan Women], you need to have really top-grade actresses. I particularly  liked Clara Barton Green as Helen of Troy...Julie S. Halpern was quite good as Andromache.”
~Savitt, Hi-Drama

The Winters Tale
“..truly magical...standout performances by the women, Nora Hummel (Paulina), Julie S. Halpern (Hermione) and Paige Lussier(Perdita/Mamillius).
~ Savitt, Hi-Drama

“..The best Shakespeare I’ve ever seen.”  
~Barry Gordon, actor, producer, former president SAG.


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